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Ts & Cs

We offer a full-day excursion on our launch ORCA for customers to experience the wonderful coastal area of Tauranga. We start our trip with a safety briefing and all passengers need to sign an indemnity form. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to passenger property. 

Dolphin and Marine Mammal Rules
Our tours are subject to a Department of Conservation (DOC) permit and we must comply with rules for all encounters with marine mammals. Customers must be aware that the dolphins are wild and that we are visiting them in their own environment. Passengers must comply with crew instructions during any encounters. 

Swim Rules
We can’t guarantee you will be able to swim with dolphins on your trip but swimming is possible on most of our tours. The two reasons you may not be able to swim are: We will not put swimmers in the water if the sea conditions are too rough. We cannot put swimmers in the water with dolphin pods that still have dependent juveniles. This is a condition of our DOC permit. We don’t encourage anyone without water confidence to attempt to swim in the open ocean. The bar swim can be strenuous and it is possible to view the dolphins clearly from the boat. Less confident swimmers can use our custom swim mats to view under the water. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy
We assess sea conditions daily and reserve the right to cancel on the basis of the weather prior to any trip. We will make every effort to advise customers by text or email by 6.00pm the day before. Customers who have not received either a confirmation or cancellation text need to contact us before 8.00pm. If we cancel a planned trip the customer can either, choose to re-book for another date or request a refund through us or the booking agent. (Note that some agents do not refund the booking fee and they will advise you at the time of purchase.). Special Deals will be refunded and customers can rebook. If you cancel your trip within 72 hours of the booking you will not be entitled to a refund. You may ask to re-book or for a refund but we require 72 hours notice to authorize this. 

Free Trip Offer
We have a very high success rate in finding marine mammals and often we encounter a wide variety. In the unfortunate event that we don’t find a marine mammal, we will offer you a second trip free. This only applies for existing passengers and cannot be given to another person. The free trip must be used within the same season. We do not refund on trips with no sightings as our costs are the same.