Orca Wild Adventures


Our equipment


What should I bring?

Be sure to bring: a towel, warm clothing for after your swim, sunscreen, snack food, a camera as well as a good fun attitude!

Can I wear a lifejacket?

We have lifejackets for every passenger on board and you will be told if you need to use them in emergency conditions. We don’t advise you wear them if you are swimming with marine mammals because the wetsuits provide enough flotation and the lifejacket will stop you putting your head down into the water to see the dolphins or other wildlife. If you feel happier to keep a lifejacket on for the whole trip, this is fine but we will encourage you to stay on the boat rather than trying a swim experience.

When does the boat operate?

From December to March. We only operate in summer as the dolphins move further out to sea when the sea is colder in winter.

What happens if I get seasick?

If you know you are likely to react to motion or you're not sure, please take seasickness medications the day before and bring spare with you. We don’t have them on board because they take several hours to work. The use of seasickness medication is highly recommended, when used as directed they work!


If I don’t swim do I still have to pay?

Yes you do – the costs for us are the same either way, and a lot of our passengers prefer to enjoy the sights from the boat. We advise only confident swimmers to get in the water even though our staff are fully trained lifesavers.

How often do you find dolphins?

Over the summer we find dolphins more than 95% of the time and we find marine mammals (whales, seals, orca) including dolphins virtually every trip. We will take you on another trip for free if we don’t find any marine mammals.


Can I bring a baby?

We advise that babies and very small infants be left behind. If they get seasick they are more at risk of dehydration and if they get distressed it upsets everyone on the boat. It is not an option to turn around and come back for one passenger and we don’t want to put them off the ocean for when they are older.

How often do we get to swim with dolphins?

About 80% of the time we can offer the chance to swim with dolphins when we find them. There are two main reasons we won’t swim: either if the sea conditions are too rough or if the pod has babies. We are not permitted to allow swimming when baby dolphins are present as the adult dolphins are very protective and Department of Conservation rules require we stay out of the water.


Can I leave my under 8 year old on the boat while I swim?

No, we don’t provide a babysitting service. If you are bringing a child you either need to stay on the boat with them, take them in the water with you or make sure there are two adults so you can swim while the other parent takes care of your child.

Can my child swim with the dolphins?

If your child is water wise and confident this is fine but we don’t want to see any child in the water who really doesn't want to be there. Child swimmers must be able to wear a mask and use a snorkel to view the dolphins. Remember the dolphins are very big and strong animals and even a lot of adults find them intimidating up close.